As an evolving and every changing market, India is a very exciting country in which to work with TSPs in growing their offering to fleet managers. Piyush Rajan from chatted to Noam Cimand, our GM about what 3Dtracking has to offer to the Indian market, especially in relation to the new regulations that the Indian Government is implementing in relation to telematics and transportation. The Government’s drive comes from a dire need to increase passenger safety and reduce theft. The same concerns could be applied to fleets in any industry. With these concerns driving overall improvements, and a growing need for better telematics software, the important considerations for TSPs in India is to choose a platform for their clients that is versatile, especially in it’s able to integrate to a number of devices. Read the whole article here to learn how we can assist TSPs in India to grow their business and offer an even wider array of tracking and fleet management solutions to their clients.

For more in-depth insight please read the article here:
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